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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Different Perspective

I picked up this book at our local book store the other day and read the back cover.  The words were so familiar I thought that I must have read the book before but I knew that I had not.  After a bit of pondering I figured it out.  It is the description of his mother and father that were familiar as I had read the same description when I did a little research about the beginnings of The Nutshell Pram.

"Roger Angell takes an unsentimental look at his early days as a boy growing up in New York with a remarkable father; a mother, Katharine White, who was a founding editor of The New Yorker; and a famous stepfather, the writer E. B. White."

Roger Angell is Joel Whites stepbrother.  Joel designed the Nutshell Pram.  I bought the book and it is great so far.  It will be interesting to read about the designer of our boat from this other perspective.

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